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The White King (2023) by Oklahoma mixed-media artist Paul Medina is made from low fired clay, with mixed media, nylon cord, and steel.January - April 2023
I began The White King in January of 2023. It is an 80" x 24" x 9" amulet and made from mixed media on low-fired clay, steel, and nylon cord.
Each amulet takes a great deal of time to create. Every individual piece is hand made in clay, dried, fired, and painted, stained, and/or glazed. Then the clay pieces are aligned and assembled. I worked on The White King for three months. It is heavy on process. A process that I love.
Would you like to see photos of the piece as it progressed? Curious about my process? (more)

May 2022 - Onward and Upward is a 4'x 4' mixed media work on multi-layered paper

Although I will continue making work in The Amulet Series my mixed-media paintings are changing into more abstract ones. This newest work is titled: Onward & Upward. Onward & Upward is a 4'x 4' mixed media work on multi-layered paper. Thank you for following my process as I move forward into both new imagery and formats. ~ Paul

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April 2022 - Respite Amulet, Safe Place to Land #36, Roses and Thorns Spirit #2

Previewed as a work in progress this past February this amulet titled, Respite, is completed. Respite is a 4'x4' mixed media on fired clay with steel and copper.

Safe Place To Land #36 (2022) is a 3'x3' mixed media on painted paper on canvas.

Roses and Thorns Spirit #2 (2022) is a 24"x20" diameter mixed media on fired clay (sold).

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March 2022 - Oklahoma City Contemporary Arts History Interview

This is Oklahoma City Contemporary Arts History's interview with Paul Medina. Medina talks about his art career as he also remembers his earliest experiences in the OKC arts scene and the people and the parties that spawned groups like the IAO.

Medina then talks about his well known self-named coffee shop on the Paseo of the late 90s that catered to the local artists community and ties it all up with a consideration of the current local art environment and new artists.

This video, by Mark Gilmore, is part of the Oklahoma City Contemporary Arts History Project. The Oklahoma City Contemporary Arts History Project is gathering personal accounts of the people who took individual initiative to make creative events & places happen in the culture of OKC from the period of early 1960s to early 1990s. More at Oklahoma City Contemporary Arts History page on Facebook.

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February 2022 - Respite Amulet

I started a new amulet entitled “Respite” about a month and a half ago. The process is always slow going, but very rewarding.

The theme of the amulets has changed over the years, what started out as a testament to grief and loss, slowly changed into a statement of sorts, about finding peace and a sense of security. A Respite from the folly of the world. This new piece personally reflects where I am right about now, finding a safe place to land.

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January 2022 - Waterfall Amulet and Safe Place to Land #1