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The Rose Façade

April - May 2024

The Rose Façade, 2024, private commission, mixed media on fired clay, steel, nylon parachute cord. Size: 35" x 35" x 8"

It's always wonderful when a life long collector and friend, commissions a new piece from the most recent series. Thanks to all.

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Wading Through The Willows

January - February 2024

1515 Gallery OKC logoWading Through The Willows is a 36" x 36" mixed media, painted paper collage on canvas.

This work is currently on view at 1515 Lincoln Gallery OKC

1515 N. Lincoln Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK  73104 | 405-593-1063 | Book a Private Encounter at 1515 Lincoln Gallery

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Oklahoma mixed media artistPaul Medina signature bug.

Paul Medina has been making original mixed media art for over 50 years. His themes have remained constant through the years. Capturing human truths, the ether that binds us all in countless ways...

Through the late seventies and on into the early nineties, Medina flourished as a gallery artist. He was represented throughout the United States; doing many one and two person shows each year. Besides the many galleries that represented Medina over the years, he also exhibited at the Oklahoma Museum of Art, The Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, and the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. (more)

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Sparks At Night

January - February 2024

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Night Roses, Black, and White - December 2023

A mostly black mixed-media hanging wall amulet with clay objects
Black Single 19"X66" White Single 22"X70"

LEFT: Night Roses (2023) Night Roses is an 19" x 50" multi-strand amulet made from mixed media on low-fired clay, steel, and nylon cord.

ABOVE: Black and White (2023) Black and White are single-strand amulets made from mixed media on low-fired clay, steel, and nylon cord. Black is 19' x 66"; White is 22" x 70"

BELOW: Detail view of each amulet

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The White King - April 2023

I began The White King in January of 2023. It is an 80" x 24" x 9" amulet made from mixed media on low-fired clay, steel, and nylon cord.

Each amulet takes a great deal of time to create. Each piece is handmade in clay, dried, fired, painted, stained, and/or glazed. Then the clay pieces are aligned and assembled. I worked on The White King for three months. It is heavy on process. A process that I love.

Would you like to see photos of the piece as it progressed? Curious about my process? (more)